FixMeStick – Virus Removal Device – Unlimited Use on up to 3 PCs for 1 Year

fixmestick-virus-removal-device-unlimited-use-on-up-to-3-pcs_191568114337 Price:$44.99


The FixMeStick – Virus Removal Device – with unlimited use

allows you to use it on up to 3 different devices.

This device allows for a plug and go action. And works well.

You won’t find anything else like this.  It’s a one of a kind!

It’s a speciality.


External, hardware based product that runs before Windows® starts enabling it to remove viruses that software anti-virus programs often cannot.
Complete system on a stick that plugs into any USB slot. No software installation, conflicts, passwords, or slow down to your work and play.
Gives you a practical and cost-effective way to clean your own PC of virus infections.
Automatically connects to wired and wireless networks to stay up to date.
Unlimited use on up to 3 Windows PCs for 1 Year.

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