MacBook Air Review

MacBook Air



Intel Core i5 and i7 processors
Running at 1.6 ghz
This device can handle up any task that
you throw at it.

Talking about performance
128 GB for Documents, and Multi Media Needs*
Device Section
The device is Thin and Light
So you won’t have problem taking this
wherever you go.
Keyboard and Trackpad
this is my last serenade I found you here you cna’t run away
*** Voice Memo ***
The Macbook Air

A Beautiful Device Designed in the year 2012*
After the ——- generation
Let’s get into the review
With an intel core i5 and i7 processors both* running at 1.6 ghz
This device can power through any task that you throw at it.
*** Lightweight and Beautiful ***

This laptop has a 13.3 inches LED Backlit Glossy Widescreen Display
And support for millions of colors, with it there are no problems viewing content
In or outdoors.

The viewing angels are also superb as well, being able to view the screen
almost any angel left to right.
The speaker sound on the device is also amazing.
Not Bose boast-worthy but great enough to enjoy near
full sound from any content.

And its one of the best that I’ve heard in a laptop
It definitely one to be respected out the whole Macbook line
*** Battery ***
The Battery will not call it a day until you do.
This battery will last you all day long.
You won’t have to worry about putting in the charger for a while,
you can also get up to 12 hours itunes movie playback and music.

*** Device ***
Premium Slim, Thin, Lightweight, you can carry it anywhere.

A great form factor to be able work in any location,

Feels great in the hand, it feels premium it wonderful laptop
On the sides ill start with the left,

*** Hardware ***

Starting with right side of the laptop you’ll find
The charging port* ( )
A USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack
Now on the left side
A lightning port
Another* USB port
and an SD card slot

Keyboard and Trackpad
The keyboard is a very standard – professional looking keyboard
It’s well backlit with keys that do not stick nor are stiff*

On the keyboard you’ll find FN functions, functions that
controll screen brightness, keyboard backlight, and Rewind Play Pause and Fast Forward buttons. You’ll find the buttons that controll volume Mute, Volume Up and Down and last but not least the Power button.
The trackpad is also very very responsive and very* tacktile
You won’t ever have to worry about dubble clicking
Every click is effective
And overall this is a great laptop if it’s your first laptop
A great device for the price that you buy for
For the price of $999 you can’t go wrong with this laptop
at all. And it will stand the test of time.

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