Chrysler Pt CRUISER Replica – USED SALE

Made by New Bright Industrial Co., Ltd







Made in China






The chrysler Pt Cruiser is a great model car to have in your car collection.

With the ability to drive, fully functioning lights, and a charger this replica* makes for

a fun toy.



At the moment the remote control is missing

and so is the charger.

Other than that the car is all together and looks good.

The paint has chipped away on the rims.

And there is a cracked whole underneath the car.

The left side view mirror is missing.






Looks good.

Sits well.

Can sit in your collection.

Collectors item. Given to the right person or right team this

toy can be fixed up and made brand new.



Order today!

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Or email for payment options.

General payments go through paypal.

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