What’s Cool About The Kindle Fire

Kindle-Fire-2Kindle has recently released its newest addition to the family, the Amazon kindle fire. It is twice as fast with twice the memory and battery lifespan. This is a product that you can bring absolutely anywhere because it is slim and practically weightless, but at the same time sturdy. With this product, it is possible to download and view a lot more than 22 million shows and movies, listen to any music genre in mp3 and mp4 format and most of all, read magazines, books and even comics. Also you can access different applications and games with your Kindle.

Since this has built-in wifi, browsing the net can be done at top speed already. It’s easy to easily update your Facebook status or tweet your friends about the latest books you are reading. You will also be able to read your emails, since Gmail and Hotmail are also integrated.

This device has 8GB self storage plus an added unlimited cloud storage which comes for free with your Amazon downloads. This allows you to read your downloaded eBooks, even if you are not connected to the internet. Its 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM will provide you with a faster processing and touch response. Its battery will last as much as 9 hours of continuous reading time.

The wonderful thing about Amazon kindle fire is its portability. Additionally you can easily hold this gadget with one hand only. This allows you to read in any position you want. It also uses Paperwhite technology that fools you into thinking that you are reading paper! There is also the Prime Instant Video feature that allows the user unlimited video streaming. It also has Lending Library where you can borrow bestsellers with no fear of due dates and extra charges. Kindle Freetime is also available. This limits the time your child’s use of Kindle, and also restricts the contents he or she can access.

An additional benefit that you can get from purchasing this product is its innovative and unique features like the Xray for both movies and books that allows you to explore and uncover random things about the subject with just a simple tap of the screen. The Whispersync technology is an added plus since it takes note of the final thing you saw or read on your Kindle. Do you know that with this Kindle model, you can also get to bring a virtual copy of your documents and pictures everywhere? That is how cool it is!

The things to take into account before buying Kindle Fire are the uneven backlighting. This sometimes throws in shadows. It is also a bit heavier than the last model. Another thing is its super sensitive touch response. This is just a temporary thing because you can always adjust your finger pressure and speed to ameliorate this problem. You can only download a limited number of apps for this product. Also, this is not the best buy if you are in the market for an extension of your office. Another downside is that this does not come with a wall charger, so you basically have to charge it using your computer or you can purchase one for an additional cost. If you have any complaints on your Kindle, you can always use Amazon’s 30 day return policy.

Overall, Kindle fire is the greatest of the Kindle series up to now. It may be a bit pricey when compared with other similar products available in the market right now, but it is all worth it since you are getting quality for a product you can practically use anywhere. Kindle is continually improving itself, so you know that what you have is the latest technology there is.

Before buying one, you must understand though that this is an e-reader and not an android tablet. This device might be enjoyed by the whole family, even non-readers, both new and experienced alike since it does not limit itself to eBooks only. Kindle Fire is perfect for bookworms, students and people who go on long commute. It is no wonder that you can see lots of Kindle user on long plane flights.

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